A common condition often helped by Airdrie chiropractor Dr. Michelle Speranza is hypermobility.
Common Conditions - Hypermobility

Are you always the most flexible person in the room, maybe the one who can do the cool party tricks with their hands, arms, or back? Or maybe you experience persistent joint pain that can’t be explained. Approximately 30% of people exhibit some form of hypermobility, ranging from mild to severe impact on their quality of life. Joint hypermobility can arise from inherited connective tissue disorders, such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or be acquired through repeated injury to the muscles and ligaments.

The neck in particular is vulnerable to excess hypermobility.

The upper neck is the only region of the spine supported solely by muscles and ligaments (there’s no disc!). This allows for a lot of great mobility, but can make it more prone to instability. Coupled with weakened ligaments due to hypermobility, this can set the stage for chronic issues such as neck pain, headaches, and increased postural stress. NUCCA is a gentle approach to restore balance to the body and help manage conditions and symptoms often associated with hypermobility.

A concussion can easily happen after a fall and Airdrie chiropractor Michelle Speranza can help.